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Custom Engineering Solutions


Phantom Power Products have been designing and developing custom engineering solutions for our clients for over 10 years.

We have been involved in a wide and varied range of one-off or special case  engineering projects over the years and have provided solutions and innovative design for each project.

If you are looking for:

- Power driven products
- Variable speed drive units
- Automation of existing equipment
- Manual labour reduction devices
- Motorized lifting equipment

Please talk to us first for the best solution!

Our Head of Design and Development is Alexander Neill.
He has over 20 years Engineering background working in both the consulting and manufacturing side of engineering development.
We can work with our clients to provide the best outcome for your product or requirement. Phantom Power Products can provide the design and parts only for a project right up to the complete  development of an idea. All you need is the idea!

Phantom Power Products has access to Industrial Designers with 3D modelling software and tooling manufacturing capabilities. This provides us the capability to have state of the art designs with ultra low cost manufacturing.

Whatever your need to reduce labour costs , reduce workplace injury, automate a process, or just make life easier, we have the solution.




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