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Motorised Laundry Trolley, Bain Marie and Medicine Trollies...


Craig Brown, CEO of Trevu Nursing Home at Gawler, recognised the importance of utilising the new technology of the TrolleE Power Drive system and asked Phantom Power Products to do the modifications to most of the equipment they use.


Craig Brown says:
"The products work very effectively and staff are absolutely delighted with their performance.”



Comments from the staff who use the Power Drive system,

“Would never be without it, my wrists & shoulders are never tired at the end of my shift”
- enrolled nurse doing medication and wound dressing rounds.

“Brilliant - saves a bit of time and a noticeable amount of energy”
- registered nurse doing medication rounds.

“Only need one person to push the trolley, and it's easier than with 2 people and saves us time at a very busy part of the shift”
- cook and kitchen hand using a heavy hot food delivery trolley

“Its easier to steer and saves me time & energy as I can fully load the trolley
previously it was then too heavy to push”

- laundry operator


Craig Brown CEO
Trevu Nursing Home

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